Enrolled students who are homeless in Cleveland
(2017-2018 school year)

Even more alarming than student mobility, over 2,500 students in Cleveland Metropolitan School District are homeless. Homelessness leads to increased family stress, poorer health outcomes, and decreased academic performance. According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, less than 25% of homeless students in Ohio go on to graduate from high school.

One driver of family homelessness is the issue of eviction. The vast majority of those experiencing an eviction are African American women with children in the household as those households are the most likely to be living in poverty.


“Doubled Up” refers to a family dwelling situation where families need to join other family units in order to get by. In essence, doubling up in one household.

It is estimated that Cuyahoga County could experience 55,000 – 86,000 NEW evictions in the coming years as a result of COVID-19.

U.S. Department of Education “Ed Data Express” McKinney-Vento Act data on homeless students enrolled.