Cuyahoga County - Minimum Wage

In Ohio, minimum wage is $8.70 per hour. In Cuyahoga County, how much does someone earning minimum wage would need to work to afford these basics without government assistance or help from friends, family, or social service?


explain how to interact with hours

23 Hours

2 BR Apartment Rent

equals $196 per week

18 Hours

Full Time Child Care - 1 Toddler

equals $160 per week

11 Hours

Family Health Insurance Premium (Employee Share)

equals $96 per week

6 Hours

Full-Time Tuition (Cuyahoga Community College)

equals $55 per week

5 Hours

Basic Food for 1 Adult and 1

equals $39 per week

3 Hours

RTA Weekly Pass

equals $25 per week

0 hours

  • Health Insurance = Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Employee share of premium for family coverage, Ohio
  • Rent = Fair Market Rent from U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Cleveland-Elyria MSA
  • Child Care = Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, 2018 Child Care Market Rate Summary. Median market rate for full time care for one toddler shown
  • Basic Food for 1 Adult = U.S. Department of Agriculture