Covid-19 impact on social service agency operations

Social services can support people during a crisis and stop situational poverty from becoming situational poverty... But just when services are needed the most, non-profits are stretched thin because of the economy

At a time when more individuals in our community are in need of assistance, COVID-19 and the Stay-at-Home order have impacted the ability of community-based organizations to provide their services.


Results from a statewide online survey conducted by The Center for Community Solutions, April 14-28, 2020. Shows 240 responses from individuals who provide services in Cuyahoga County.

More than half had experienced a decrease or they expected a decrease in their ability to provide services and volunteer availability. More experienced a decrease in philanthropic funds than government funds. Many agencies experienced an increase in expenses and demand for services.

This page only includes responses that reported a change experienced or anticipated (increase or decrease). In other words, “No change” and “Not Applicable” have been removed.

The Center for Community Solutions