The End Points to the Beginning

United Way of Greater Cleveland’s mission since 1913 has been to extend a hand to those in need. Over the years, as needs have increased, our hands haven’t always held the things that would do the most good for the most people.

A Voice, A Resource, An Innovator

The Community Hub for Basic Needs and the Impact Institute were right on time with the vision for what to do and the people and tools to do the work.

COVID-19 stripped so much away from so many people, but it also helped us narrow our focus and clear our path. We will continue to apply the principles of innovation, collaboration, and breakthrough initiatives to meet our community’s needs during the Pandemic and beyond.

A single agenda for a partnership of companies, government agencies and individuals, will mean more hands reaching out with the programs, tools, and funds our communities desperately need.

Together, we can create a Cleveland where children can stretch out their fingers toward a bright future because they’re ready for school. Where working men and women can hold onto a living wage because they’re on career paths. Where seniors can hold onto dignity, security and community for the rest of their lives.