Leave a lasting legacy

Clevelanders are some of the most generous donors in the nation and Planned Giving, along with annual and major giving, help sustain and support fundraising efforts, which allow United Way of Greater Cleveland to better weather fluctuations in charitable giving. Gifts made throughout the year are incredibly important, therefore, a planned gift – of any size – will help ensure the future remains strong for United Way and Clevelanders most in need.

Dave Fulton
Chair, Planned Giving Committee
United Way of Greater Cleveland

Shape the Future

Your contributions to United Way of Greater Cleveland’s annual fund have an immediate and significant impact on those most vulnerable in our community. But what about the future? How can you help ensure that United Way will continue to make such profound difference, even in the face of uncertain economic times?

Through our Planned Giving program, you can make arrangements in your estate plan to leave a legacy and continue your support to United Way of Greater Cleveland far into the future. Your gift will make a difference for those in need, and by planning ahead with the many options available to you, you can ensure that your dollars to United Way of Greater Cleveland will serve generations to come as we continue our relentless fight against poverty.

Making a planned gift to United Way of Greater Cleveland is incredibly impactful and contributes to long-term progress and solutions.

Contact Us to Learn More

We realize estate and legacy planning involves careful consideration and evaluation. We are committed to working with you to find a charitable plan that works for you and your family and meets your financial goals. To request United Way of Greater Cleveland’s Estate Planning Guide, please contact our Planned Giving office at 216-436-2184 or use the form below:

Ways to give

There are many ways for you to contribute to our community's future with a gift to United Way. The best one for you will depend on your personal and financial situation.

Currently, estate gifts are invested in United Way of Greater Cleveland’s Legacy Fund held at the Cleveland Foundation

Will or Trust

Your legacy is reflected in your will. You can designate an amount or a percentage of your estate to United Way of Greater Cleveland.

Outright Gift of Appreciated Assets

You can contribute cash or transfer appreciated stock to United Way of Greater Cleveland. You receive an income tax deduction and, for the stock, you avoid the capital gains tax.

Retirement Plan

Perpetuating your gift through a retirement plan is simple, flexible and tax wise. If you are looking for a tax-efficient asset to contribute, this might be the option for you. Work with your account administrator as it avoids income tax and, in some cases, state taxes.

Split Interest Gifts

Gifts that pay income, commonly known as “split interest gifts” such as a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust, can provide income to you and your spouse and also benefit United Way of Greater Cleveland.

Life Insurance

To receive an income tax deduction, make sure that United Way of Greater Cleveland is the beneficiary and owner of the policy. The value of the policy or future premiums you pay will be tax deductible.